Infinity Slab
10-years Limited Delker Warranty

Argenta Cerámica guarantees that all Delker products (all Natural and Satin finishes) used in the production of countertops installed in residential applications are free from manufacturing defects under normal conditions of use and maintenance.

"The traditional countertop is a thing of the past. Delker has come to revolutionise the kitchen."


Scratch resistant

Resistant to scratching and abrasion thanks to its durability and dry-pressed, through-body (through-body colour) porcelain material.


Frost resistant

Does not crack when exposed to sudden temperature shifts; thanks to its fabrication process, the material can withstand low temperatures.


Water resistant

Non-porous and liquid resistant, with water absorption of >0.5%.


Stain resistant

Resistant to stains caused by oil, grease, ink, hard-water deposits, cement residues, wine, coffee, etc.


Contains recycled materials

Thanks to various studies and improvements in the manufactu-ring process, Delker is made from more than 38% recycled mate-rials, including mineral and raw materials.


UV resistant

Does not suffer colour distortion when exposed to sunlight or ex-treme weather conditions.


Easy to clean

Resistant to all kinds of chemical cleaning agents (please see care and maintenance guidelines*).


Heat resistant

Does not burn when exposed to fire. Does not produce smoke or release harmful substances when subjected to high temperatures.