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The most versatile Delker series is Basic Top, a good fit for all spaces, available in monochromatic slabs: White, Ivory or Black.
The natural finish of the White and Ivory slabs results in an extra-smooth effect, along with a uniform appearance that gives the kitchen a sense of continuity through seamless porcelain surfaces.
The natural finish of the Basic Top Black is perfect for people seeking a Delker surface whose look and feel recall natural materials, where the beauty of porcelain is rendered in a dark and serene hue.


Large kitchens and semi-precious stones. Delker Quartz is a quartz-inspired surface designed for large spaces where the spotlight is on the furniture and counters.
The Delker series offers three options—Quartz Brown, Chocolate and Black—and stands out as one of the most powerful and striking in personality. Both come in a natural finish that combines beautifully with wood.
The series allows for an infinite number of Brown, Chocolate and Black combinations in both classic and modern spaces.
The stone derives its elegance from the design, colour and natural finish. The light that plays across its surface creates a sophisticated ambiance inspired by the luxury of nature.


Design, beauty and functionality come together to create the Beton series. This industrial urban style produces clean minimalist spaces.
Perfect for creating continuous functional spaces in both interior and exterior settings. The series’ innovative approach resides in its use on furniture, revealing the vast decorative potential of concrete. Beton unites quality and simplicity.
The natural matte finish adds to the originality and authenticity with its references to nature.


Natural stone in its most classic colour scheme. This is the essence of Delker Sandstone, a sand-coloured slab that recalls the finely grained, beige and camel conglomerate found in the purest stone.
Sandstone is the most traditional of Argenta Cerámica’s infinity slab tiles. The colour and natural matte finish make for a refined and versatile material, perfect for spaces with their own distinctive features and accessories.
The combination of its natural look and modern design makes for an elegant Delker surface that combines well with any kind of space.


Limestone is among the most uniform countertops in the natural stone style.
This is an ideal choice for lovers of limestone who seek a homogenous material to create the impression of a seamless spacious kitchen that meets the aesthetic demands of a versatile space.
Here the large format of the Delker slabs takes on a serenity that has never been achieved with such physically and visually light forms before, making it easy to create a unified whole.
The natural matte finish adds to the originality and authenticity with its references to nature.


Skala is one of the most exceptional Delker surfaces, impeccable in appearance, with characteristic marble veining that will make it stand out anywhere.
Lengthwise (3200 mm), Skala displays a symmetrical pattern typically found in book-matched natural stone that creates seamless transitions between pieces and furnishings.
In appearance it is indistinguishable from natural marble, but with a thickness of only 12 mm, which allows for large-format kitchen surfaces that are both surprising and functional.
At its most extravagant, Skala can cover kitchen islands from top to bottom or transform into long tables or wall-mounted or free-standing counters extending halfway across the kitchen.
Available in two finishes—natural and satin—Skala is an excellent choice for lovers of natural marble who want to create a distinctive kitchen environment with an innovative material that unites tradition and modernity.