10-Year Limited Delker Warranty

Argenta Cerámica guarantees that all Delker products (all Natural and Satin finishes) used in the production of countertops installed in residential applications are free from manufacturing defects under normal conditions of use and maintenance.  

This warranty only applies to the repair or replacement of the defective surface that makes up the countertop (1*.) when it has not been permanently installed at its final destination.  

The limited 10-year warranty is not transferable and only applies to products bearing the Delker seal, whether they are interior or exterior, or have a natural or satin finish. This warranty does not apply if the materials have not been paid in full. 

As set forth in this warranty, Argenta Cerámica will take the time it deems necessary to review, examine and even conduct an on-site inspection of the reported defect.  Should no Argenta Cerámica agent be available, the company will designate a third-party agent to conduct the aforementioned inspection on its behalf. All decisions taken by Argenta Cerámica with respect to the existence of manufacturing defects in the production of Delker countertops will be definitive and binding for all parties.  

Argenta recommends that customers read the Delker care and maintenance guidelines and keep them on hand for future reference. The guidelines are available at www.delkerslab.com and www.argentaceramica.com. It is Argenta Cerámica’s understanding that the buyer or user of the Delker countertop agrees to properly maintain and clean the product during its use.

1*. The responsibility and obligation to repair or replace the product is limited. Furthermore, if a piece has to be replaced, this will be done using the colours, styles and finishes available at the moment of   carrying out said repairs or replacement. The option to repair or replace a surface that fails due to a manufacturing defect is at the sole discretion of Argenta Cerámica.

Exclusions to the 10-Year Limited Delker Warranty for residential countertops by Argenta Cerámica.

Argenta Cerámica explains what is not covered under the 10-year limited warranty. Should any of the following apply, the warranty will be voided and Argenta Cerámica will be not be liable for any claim:

  1. Damages due to abuse or improper use of Delker, including, but not limited to, damage from mishandling of the material or accidents, from exposing Delker to physical abuse (e.g. excessive impact damage), chemical agents (e.g. bleach, chlorine, hydrofluoric acid, etc.), corrosion, structural movements or natural disasters.
  2. If Delker has been moved from its original installation to a new site.
  3. Consequences arising from joint or seam performance or appearance, adhesives, caulk and/or other accessory items.
  4. Any damages caused by electrical appliances that were improperly installed or maintained.
  5. Any imperfections caused by normal everyday wear and tear, including stains, scratches, water spots and burns. Argenta Cerámica highly recommends the use of cutting boards, the use of trivets or hot pads (with a rubber base) when setting hot objects down on the countertop, as well as following Delker’s care and maintenance guidelines (www.delkerslab.com and www.argentaceramica.com).
  6. Delker is made from natural materials and therefore any variations in the product’s colour, shine, tone or pattern are inherent and unique to Argenta Cerámica, and said variations are not covered by the limited 10-year warranty.
  7. The customer’s opinions based on criteria of personal taste, such as not liking the colour, overall appearance or other aesthetic opinions with regard to the product after it has already been fabricated or installed.
  8. Additional repairs, including, but not limited to, modifications to the electrical installation, floor tiles, wall tiles or wall surfaces, backsplashes, furniture or cupboards, transportation costs, and plumbing modifications needed to repair Delker countertops are not covered by the 10-year limited warranty.
  9. The use of Delker for any commercial applications, including, but not limited to, its use in stores, offices or any other place of business.
  10. Countertops whose finish is different from the factory-applied finish or has been altered in any way.
  11. Any defects that were visible at the time of Delker’s fabrication or installation.
  12. Any transportation, fabrication, installation and/or deinstallation costs involved in the repair or reinstallation of the countertop.
  13. Any additional repairs or modifications that are necessary for reinstallation (plumbing, electrical, construction, etc.)
  14. Any repairs that are carried out without prior verification by Argenta Cerámica.

The company or workshop and the installer are responsible for inspecting the material prior to fabrication and again prior to installation of the countertop.  

 When selecting a colour or finish, customers should bear in mind that the samples are only representative of the general design, pattern, look, colour and finish. Argenta Cerámica is not responsible for the fact that the samples are not an exact replica of the Delker material, which may vary slightly from the countertop that is ultimately installed.  The warranty does not cover replacements if, during or after installation, the client decides that they do not like the colour of the material or its appearance does not coincide with what they chose. 

No other express or implied warranty is provided, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Except for the provisions established in this document, Argenta Cerámica shall not be responsible in either contract or tort for any loss or direct, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or the inability to use Delker materials. 

This warranty provides you with specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which will vary depending on the state or country in question. Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply in some cases. 

Except as set forth in the present document, Argenta Cerámica does not provide any other type of guarantee, representation or warranty (express or implied) with respect to Delker materials. No one other than Argenta Cerámica is authorised to make any warranty, statement or promise with respect to any other Argenta Cerámica product ranges.