What is Delker?

The most mercurial space in any home is the kitchen. For years, the domestic demands of this space have called for a product that is both durable and impeccable in appearance, with clean lines and great versatility. This is why we developed Delker, a porcelain slab that can transform into a countertop, a kitchen island, a wall-mounted counter, even a traditional table with a completely revamped look.

Delker’s large format offers a wide range of possibilities, with features that are absolutely innovative for such a lightweight material. Resistant to heat and liquids, hard and durable, these porcelain slabs are a viable option for contemporary kitchen designs with straight lines and incomparable lightness. The perfect choice for anyone who wants to make the most of their kitchen environment.

Delker comes in three versions—monochromatic, marble or natural stone—available in either matte or satin finish, which offer a variety of styles and possibilities. Its through-body colour and <0.1% water absorption allow for outdoor applications, an unimaginable feat for other countertops. Kitchens where the indoor area seamlessly connects with an outdoor summer space are now a reality thanks to Delker.

In creating this new material, Argenta Cerámica’s RDI department has made it possible to design kitchens where the emphasis is on form, colour and texture, without having to worry about functionality or complicated care. Finally, we have united aesthetic inspiration and the needs of everyday use and maintenance in a new natural material that is so much more than a countertop.